The Many Roles Of Bernie Kopell

Particularly in the early part of Bernie Kopell's career, he was often in makeup or assuming a foreign accent. Though this versatility protected him from typecasting, it did make it hard for people to keep track of which roles he played in which shows. The following list attempts to help remedy this confusion.

Click these links to find video captures and descriptions of the various roles that I've been able to track down thus far. (The Get Smart and Love Boat pages have longer descriptions, since these were recurring characters whose personalities were able to be better developed over the years.) I plan to keep adding to this page, as well as the index page, so please come back often to see what's new.


SEPTEMBER 4, 2006!
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The Bob Newhart Show
Boy Meets World
Debbie Reynolds Show
Diagnosis Murder
Dick Van Dyke Show
Fresh Prince Of Bel Air
Get Smart
Green Acres
The Love Boat
New Dick Van Dyke Show
Sledge Hammer!
NEW: Suite Life Of Zach And Cody
When Things Were Rotten -
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NEW: The Loved One (1965)
The Magic Boy's Easter (1989)
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The Thrill Of It All (1963)