The Dick Van Dyke Show

Originally aired February 16, 1966, this is one of Kopell's early Latino accent roles.



Laura Petrie (Mary Tyler Moore) and Rob Petrie (Dick Van Dyke) are having a disagreement in the lobby of their hotel in Mexico -- one that offers quickie divorces. Not noticing what they're doing, they find themselves at the divorce counter. The lawyer (Bernie Kopell) comes out to wait on them, when he hears the familiar sound of a couple arguing.



When Laura complains that Rob's friends hang around so much, that she never has any time alone with him, the lawyer comments, "Some friends...."



The lawyer hurriedly tries to fill out the forms as Rob and Laura argue, and tells them it will cost $10 for their divorce. They tell him they never wanted a divorce, to which he replies, "If anyone ever sounded like they want a divorce, it is you...."



As their disagreement heats up, they decide to go ahead and actually get divorced. Rob doesn't have the money, because he just gave $10 to one of his friends, to bail the other buddy out of jail.



When Rob and Laura start to get cold feet, the lawyer calls to them, "Please, you're getting a divorce! This is no time for arguments!"



Suddenly, Rob turns and asks this strange man, "Who ARE you?" The man comes out from behind the counter, points at his diploma, and explains, "I'm your lawyer."



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