Fresh Prince of Bel Air

Originally aired February 10, 1992. In the hospital, the anxiety that Will (Will Smith) feels about his tonsillectomy follows him into his dreams, as he falls asleep watching TV. Characters from various TV shows visit him in his dreams, freaking him out even more....



Dr. Adam Bricker from The Love Boat leads a conga line of the surgical team from hell. The doctor's not only singing "Copacabana" (if you're too young to remember Barry Manilow, be thankful!), but is impatient to get the procedure over with so he can meet Adrienne Barbeau on the poop deck.



Will says he doesn't care if the doctor is due to play shuffleboard with Nipsey Russell--he's NOT going to allow himself to be "cut by no doctor with knee socks."



Oblivious to the insult, Doc reassures Will that he's pretended to do this procedure a thousand times (!?).



"Look--this time they've given me a real scalpel. Cool!" No wonder Will screams and wakes up at this point...!