Bernie Kopell appeared on several episodes of Bewitched during the latter part of its run. He usually played the 100-year-old Apothecary, a lecherous old geezer who often demanded a kiss in return for the potions prescribed by Dr. Bombay. (One can only assume that there were no laws prohibiting sexual harassment in the Other Realm....)

Ironically, Kopell got a lot more screen time when playing characters that were not regulars in the show, because the Apothecary's appearances were fairly brief.  These other characters gave Kopell ample opportunities to play an interesting -- and funny -- variety of roles.

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Samantha Twitches For UNICEF (ep #166, 3-27-69)

A Bunny For Tabitha (ep #178, 11-6-69)

Samantha's Secret Is Discovered (ep #188, 1-22-70)

Samantha & The Loch Ness Monster (ep #231, 9-29-71)

Warlock In The Gray Flannel Suit (ep #239, 12-1-71)

The Apothecary's page (eps #179, 237, 251)