The Thrill Of It All


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     The Thrill Of It All was made in 1963, a way for Doris Day and second husband Marty Melcher to cash in on her successful romantic films she did with Rock Hudson.
     This time, James Garner (Rockford Files) steps up to the plate as Dr. Gerald Boyer, Ob/Gyn. He lives in a nice suburb with his wife Beverly and their two kids. Beverly is happy playing housewife and making homemade ketchup but her life is turned upside down.
     One day Dr. Boyer announces to his somewhat mature patient, Mrs. Fraleigh, that she's finally pregnant. Overjoyed, she invites the good doctor and his wife to her family mansion for dinner. Their they meet old man Fraleigh, Mrs. Fraleigh's father in law. He owns the Happy Soap company and is upset over a new commercial featuring a starlet sitting in a tub clad only in Happy soap.
     While watching the commercial at dinner Beverly announces innocently how the soap "saved her life" because she was able to shampoo her daughter's hair without a fuss. Mr. Fraleigh loves the purity of the story and asks Beverly to be in next week's commercial. She agrees (to the tune of $300) but flubs it. It doesn't matter; the people love her honest, down to earth quality and soon she's offered 80 thousand dollars to do more spots.
     She accepts, to the dismay of her husband who becomes known as "Mr. Beverly" and is angry that she spends more and more time away from her family. The good doctor tries to make Beverly see the error of her ways, even making Beverly think he's having an affair so she'll drop her new found fame. But love conquers all in this true soaper.


Scene: Beverly is doing her first commercial live, during Happy Playhouse. The cast and crew are on the set, Bernie plays the commercial director (he is not billed in the film) who gets frustrated with the engenue all the while the cast and crew are laughing at her. He's telling Beverly to "cut" in this photo.


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