Boy Meets World


Originally aired October 24, 1997, Bernie Kopell and Ted Lange appear as themselves, and poke some fun at their Love Boat roles, besides.  In this episode, Eric Matthews (Will Friedle) and Jack Hunter (Matthew Lawrence) try to con Dean Borak (Paul Gleason) into believing that their fake "Magnum Pi" fraternity is legitimate.  To that end, Jack hires Bernie and Ted to pose as celebrity alumni of the bogus fraternity.  Just as the dean is about to lower the boom on the boys, Jack whistles, signaling Bernie and Ted to come in and save their necks....



Bernie and Ted make their surprise entrance, much to the boys' relief -- and the dean's consternation.



Ted asks if he can get anyone a drink, and does the Isaac "point".



Bernie asks Ted why he always does "the finger thing", and Ted explains that he does it because he knows how much Bernie hates it.



Bernie complains that Ted still resents him for having a higher rank on the boat. Ted says, "Bernie, you do know that you're not a real doctor?" Disturbingly, Bernie doesn't reply....



The dean, recovering from his shock, introduces himself to Bernie and Ted.



Bernie begins sucking up mightily to the dean, saying how proud he and Ted are of the Pembrooke University chapter of "Magnum Pi" fraternity, and the dean who supports it.



Ted chimes in, asking, "Can I fix anybody a drink?"



Exasperated, Bernie retorts, "They have drinks...and it's getting old!" he adds, mocking Isaac's finger-pointing.