Articles & Miscellaneous


Here are some articles, clippings, and miscellaneous photos that have been published over the years. NEW ADDITIONS APPEAR AT THE BOTTOM OF THE LIST.


TV Guide profile - March 31, 1979
Good Housekeeping: Celebrity Homes - October 1985
People Magazine article - circa 1982
An ad from a trade magazine, announcing Bernie's debut as Siegfried (note that the name is misspelled in the ad copy!)
Bernie and wife at Love Boat's 400th episode party
French then-and-now article about The Love Boat
From the 1980's, an agency photo
A poster from a French magazine
TV Guide's first LB article, from the Sep. 77 Fall Preview
A 2003 tabloid clipping with a photo of the Kopell family
An ad for Get Smart, featuring "Siegfried" and "Max"
From 2000, a Globe Magazine article and photos of Bernie & family
1979 TV listings ad for Supertrain (contributed by Alaura Patterson)
NEW: October 1981 People clipping about a cast party for the Love Boat Musical episode