Good Housekeeping article, October 1985


(WEBMASTER'S NOTE: This article was published almost 20 years ago; Bernie Kopell has since remarried.)



Yolanda & Bernie Kopell

When Bernie isn't sailing on The Love Boat (he plays Doc), he and his wife live in this cozy home deep in Los Angeles' San Fernando Valley -- a home she talked him into buying.

The moment Yolanda Kopell, who works in real estate, saw this house set on one-and-one-half acres, she knew it was a buy. When Bernie first saw it, he said they coudn't afford it. In the end, she had her way. Time, effort, and money have gone into renovating every room in the house. They have also added a tennis court, a pool, and extended a side of the house to add a room. Now, years later, Bernie admits his wife was right about the house.



Street signs over the living-room fireplace spell out Mrs. Kopell's maiden name: Yolanda Veloz.



The dining room is adjacent to the main living room and overlooks surrounding hills. "We love the country feeling here," says Yolanda, "and so do our five dogs -- and one cat."



Pretty bedroom is done in rust, their favorite color. They have had some help decorating their nine-room house, but they have mostly done it themselves. It has been a labor of love.