Globe Magazine, 2000


All Aboard For Love Boat Doc's Private Home Tour


Special thanks to Alaura Patterson for contributing the scans of this article!


The Love Boat series has sailed into the sunset, but ship's doc Bernie Kopell continues to find smooth sailing with his pretty, young wife and son at their posh California home.

"I'm extraordinarily lucky," Bernie, 67, tells GLOBE in an exclusive interview. "Acting has been great to me and I have a wife and son I adore. Who could ask for more?"

Bernie's first marriage lasted 20 years and was childless. He then hooked up with 34-year-old Catrina and they wed in early 1997. Son Adam was born later that year.

"Adam has given me new life," says Bernie, who played lothario doc Adam Bricker from 1977 to 1986. "A child is an incredible gift at any age, but especially at mine, having my first baby at 64 years old."

Bernie's a doting dad and homebody in his three-bedroom, 5,000-square-foot house situated on two lush acres in suburban Tarzana, California.

"A typical day for me is to get up and make breakfast for Adam," he explains. "Then I get him off to preschool. In the afternoon, he goes to karate classes. I do most of the cooking, and, at night, I read to him."

Bernie and Catrina enjoy lounging by the pool and he fine-tunes his tennis game on his private court. He also keeps in super shape jumping rope on the wood floor of the den, where he keeps trophies marking his many tennis victories, and various acting mementos.

One Love Boat souvenir still comes in handy. He wears his old ship's doctor uniform while giving motivational speeches for the Regal Princess cruise line.

Says Bernie: "I talk about the importance of seniors engaging in regular exercise."

Bernie, wife Catrina, son Adam, and the family pooch
lounge in their sprawling living room.

The doting dad plays choo-choo with Adam.

Panoramic windows offer relaxing views of the lush garden.

Bernie tickles the ivories with Catrina and Adam in the living room.

He plays tennis with Adam on his private court.

The fitness buff jumps rope in his den.

-- article written by Robin Mizra