Why Bernie Kopell?


Why did I create this site? A fair question!  It all started while I was surfing the web for info about the cast of one of my favorite TV shows, Get Smart.  There are web sites devoted to most of the cast, up to and including one about Edward "The Chief" Platt. But when it came to Bernie Kopell, I found several tidbits on entertainment pages and the like...but I couldn't find any pages created by ordinary people.  Okay, there are some Love Boat and Get Smart fan pages out there, but those are devoted more to the programs than to individual actors.

While reading about Get Smart, I discovered that Bernie Kopell had been on That Girl and The Doris Day Show. I was just a kid when I first saw those programs, and I couldn't recall seeing him on them -- certainly not as clearly as I remembered his "Siegfried" role. So I'd hoped to find some video captures online, that might refresh my memory.  No problem, one would imagine. After all, this is a character actor who's been in TV shows and movies for more than 40 years, so you'd think I'd have found something I was looking for, on the web. But my efforts were in vain.  That's when I realized there was a void in cyberspace.  And, probably as a side effect of the pain medication I was taking after some oral surgery, I decided I should be the one to fill that void.

Since starting work on this page, I've acquired a TV Guide article which made it clear that it wasn't just the faulty memory of childhood that caused me not to recall Bernie Kopell's varied TV roles. Before The Love Boat, hardly anyone recognized him. In the article, Kopell himself was quoted as saying, "Nobody knew it was me getting laughs. I was so unrecognizable...." That's when I knew I wasn't alone in being confused, and that I was on the right track in working on this page. Whether you're looking to spot Kopell himself in these TV shows (where you most likely saw him, without even realizing it), or you're just hooked on classic TV in general, hopefully you'll find something of interest here.

So, as this page grows, you'll be finding more odds and ends about the varied characters Bernie Kopell has played over the years.  If you can contribute images or info, please e-mail me at mamoruATdraacDOTcom, replacing the "AT" and "DOT" with the appropriate symbols (because I don't like spambots any more than you do!). I'll gladly give you full credit for the image(s) and link to your page, in return.

And to any legal types out there who might somehow stumble upon this site, I'd like to add that this is just a page built for informational and entertainment purposes, and I acknowledge that I don't own the copyright to any of the images, characters, or anything else on it.  So please don't sue me, because I don't own a great deal of money or property, either....


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