When Things Were Rotten - 2

This next episode, "Those Wedding Bell Blues", finds Maid Marian being forced to marry a wealthy Arab (Dudley Moore). Robin initially thinks she's dumped him, but as soon as he learns the truth, he and his men hatch a plot to stop the wedding and rescue Marian!


Robin is distraught when he learns that his beloved Maid Marian is going to be married to a wealthy, visiting sheik. His merry men begin arguing over how he should handle his dilemma, until Alan shouts to quiet them down.



Alan, who claims to love Marian like a sister, takes Robin aside to give him some friendly advice.



Surprisingly, Alan's advice is a terse, "Dump her!"



But then they learn that Marian is being forced to marry this man, and she intends to commit suicide at the wedding. So Robin sends Friar Tuck (far right, in photo) to intercept then impersonate the Archbishop before the ceremony can take place.



The despondent Marian prepares to ingest the poison she's hidden in her ring, so that she won't have to marry the Arab (Dudley Moore).



Just when Friar Tuck, standing in for the Archbishop, thinks he can't stall any longer, Robin and his men arrive...disguised as Arabian police, complete with a flashing light and siren. (In this picture, Alan-A-Dale is on the left.)



As Alan and Renaldo look on, Robin flashes his (fake) badge. He informs the wedding party that the Sheik is a wanted man, and they've come to take him in. Thus the wedding is brought to a halt, as they cart off the protesting Sheik.