A Post You've Got To See!


From: "Tom" <xxxxxx@msn.com>
Subject: Re: regarding marek
Date: 2000/02/20
Newsgroups: rec.music.beatles
>> My 2 mistakes in posting this:
>> 1) Now I'll have to keep reading this thread in
>> case of responses.
>> 2) I posted it to RMB, when if I'd posted it to
>> alt.marek, it might have evolved into a
>> semi-interesting thread about KAOS, everyone's
>> favorite Get Smart episode, why Bernie Kopell
>> is an underrated comic actor, how he was toned
>> down for The Love Boat, and finally, was Hymie
>> a forerunner of the Borg.
> Oh my god, Bernie Kopell was BRILLIANT in that
> series, which itself was brilliant for the year
> or two Brooks/Henry were writing it. After that
> just a stringing together of catch phrases. His
> stint on Love Boat was like using plutonium to
> boil an egg. Wasted potential.
A phrase that might also apply to everything Don Adams did after Get Smart.


Though this post is hilarious, I must point out a factual error or two, for those who might not be aware: