Boy Meets World (page 2)



The dean shuts down the bogus fraternity anyway, then tells Bernie and Ted that they're coming home with him to meet his wife.  But Bernie points out that they only do one appearance per night.



The dean adds that his wife is a "big Get Smart fan", at which point Bernie clicks his heels and goes into Siegfried mode: "Vell, I don't suppose it vould kill us to stop by."



Slightly alarmed, Ted says, "Bernie, you know you're not the head of a secret organization known as KAOS, right?"  Even more disturbingly, Bernie not only fails to reply...but he also gives Ted an arrogant, condescending look, and walks out of the room.



This turns out to be a BIG mistake, as they end up getting dragged back to Eric's house, as well. His parents bore them with stories about their kids, until Eric's mother starts repeating one of the tales. Ted points out that they've already heard this story, and Eric's mother asks, "When?"  Bernie finally snaps, blurting, "Six hours ago!  For the love of God, let us go!"



Eric's dad won't let them leave, locking the door and telling them that his son paid them, so they're going to stay.  Frightened, Ted says, "Bernie, I'm scared!"  Bernie replies, "Love Boat stalkers!" They sit down, resigning themselves to the fate of terminal boredom at the hands of the Matthews family...!