Darrin has to work on the day that Endora wants Samantha to attend the wedding of Samantha's cousin Panda. So Endora decides to get Darrin fired, so that Samantha can go to the wedding. To this end, she enlists the help of (or, rather, blackmails) hippie warlock Alonzo (Kopell), who reluctantly does Endora's bidding.



Endora zaps Alonzo onto a nearby rooftop, and tells him of her plan. When he objects, citing loyalty to Samantha, she informs him that she knows people in high places who could have him "roasting like a marshmallow in an active volcano", which wears down his resistance rather quickly.



So, Alonzo pays a visit to Darrin's office, where he makes quite an impression on the receptionist....



...Mainly because he's parked a motorcycle chopper in the lobby! "What is the idea of bringing this bike into the office?" demands Darrin.



Alonzo claims he wants to work for the firm, but Mr. Tate angrily says, "I'd advise you to jump back on that cycle and buzz off!" But then Alonzo casts a spell to make Mr. Tate like all his matter how outlandish they may be.



In Tate's office, Alonzo stands on his head and chants "Om" for inspiration. (And no, that's not a stand-in, that really is Bernie doing a headstand!)



Alonzo pretends to be struck with an outstanding idea for selling carpeting: "Flurpity flurp!" Tate loves it, Darrin's astounded and demands to know what that's supposed to mean. Alonzo explains this is the sound of bare feet brushing across the client's carpeting.



Darrin finally can't take anymore, so he calls Samantha to tell her what's going on. She conjures up a fully-functional office for him in the vacant office across the hall, to make Mr. Tate think that Darrin's gone into business for himself. Then, casting a spell to render herself invisible (to everyone but the viewers!), she spies on Mr. Tate and this mysterious new "talent". They're meeting with the carpeting client...who, obviously, thinks this new ad campaign is nuts.



Recognizing Alonzo, she zaps his hand, causing him to howl in pain, "O-o-o-o-o-ow! That's HOT!"



Alonzo starts complaining about being able to sense a witch's presence, completely destroying his credibility with the client before he can cast another spell to sell his ridiculous ad campaign.



Knowing that another witch is onto him, Alonzo gives up, casting one final spell to counteract the spell he had previously cast, to make Mr. Tate love his ideas.