While visiting Darrin's cousin Robby (who lives in Scotland), Samantha and Darrin learn that the tourism industry there is suffering, since the Loch Ness Monster has been keeping a low profile. Nessie suddenly reappears, and Samantha learns that it's actually someone she knows...a warlock named Bruce, who has been turned into an underwater creature by none other than her cousin Serena.      Upon learning that the monster is in danger, Samantha insists that Serena turn it back into a man...but then he realizes that his life as a warlock was so pathetic, that he was happier as the Loch Ness Monster, with all the fame that it entails. So Serena changes him back...but not before a great deal of mayhem ensues!



At Robby's inn, Samantha and Darrin meet the Baron von Fuchs (Kopell). Robby tells them that the Baron is on the scene to photograph the monster. Samantha becomes suspicious of the Baron's true motive, though, when he makes a few Freudian slips, such as requesting to "interrogate" the couple, then hastily amending it to a request to "ask you some questions". By the time he asks them, "How is he armed?", Samantha is growing rather uneasy.



The Baron lets them in on his secret, saying that Boyd's insurance company of London has offered a $3 million reward for the monster's capture. He adds, "It vould give me great pleasure to take money from ze English." His plan: He and his "trained" will take a submarine into the lake, then "divert ze monster from ze front, outflank him from ze side, UND -- vis our electronical laser beam, ve give him a good shot in de rear". Then, the Baron concludes (with an enthusiasm bordering on the psychotic), "He vill be stunned into submission!" Needless to say, Samantha is upset by this news, and hastens to warn the monster of the impending threat.



After the situation between Serena and Bruce has finally been resolved, Samantha and Darrin notice something even more unusual than the Loch Ness Monster emerging from the lake. The splashing, flailing creature turns out to be none other than the Baron...whose missing swim fin and shredded wet suit indicate that he got the worse end of the encounter with the monster.



Catching sight of the couple, the Baron approaches them and begins to complain: "I vas in my little submarine minding my own business -- on a search and destroy mission -- vhen HE attacked ME from de rear! Two bites more submarine! He ate it like it vas a piece of I escaped, Himmler only knows!"



As he leaves, the Baron angrily shouts toward the lake, telling the insurance company where they can stick their reward. Fortunately, the tail end of his tirade is in German, but the gist of his meaning is quite clear...!