Larry's latest client A.J. Sylvester (Kopell) is moping because his girlfriend just broke up with him. Larry brings Mr. Sylvester to the Stevens' house, where Uncle Abner (Paul Lynde) is performing at Tabitha's birthday party. His magic goes a little haywire, when he does a spell on Tabitha's pet bunny and turns it into a cocktail-lounge bunny!

To make matters worse, Mr. Sylvester falls head-over-heels for "Bunny", leading to a very odd situation....



Larry and Mr. Sylvester are impressed when "Bunny" appears from behind the screen.



They rush over to meet the buxom blonde, while Samantha, Uncle Abner, and Darrin look on nervously.  Samantha, thinking on her feet, introduces the blonde as Uncle Abner's assistant, "Bunny".



Bunny is equally enamoured with Mr. Sylvester, who obviously doesn't realize that she's really a rabbit that has been turned into a human. But he's too smitten to wonder why she asks the odd question, "Why do you have such funny little ears?"



Mr. Sylvester and Bunny slip away during the party, and Samantha finds the unlikely lovebirds at a nearby cocktail lounge.



When Sylvester's ex runs into them, he smugly informs her that he's found someone new. In fact, by the time he and Bunny return to the Stevens' home for dinner, he's engaged to her. BIG trouble...!



Fortunately, Bunny breaks off the engagement rather abruptly, when Sylvester mentions that he likes to go hunting for "small game" like rabbits -- which he deems to be "pests". Offended, she slaps him, and runs upstairs, crying...much to Larry and Mr. Sylvester's surprise, and much to Darrin and Samantha's relief.